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If we as visual artists could approach our work with the same fearlessness that Chef, Author and Television Host Julia Child did with food there would be nothing holding us back.

I came across this quote by Julia “Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.” What a great quote! I needed to see it on a regular basis. I set the words in decorative fonts and printed out a copy to hang over my desk. Each time I look up and see it I am reminded that I AM passionate about art and design and I AM tremendously interested in it. There are always new techniques to investigate, much room for improvement in skills, histories to study, programs to learn and practice to be done – I will never stop learning.

Recently I attended OCAD University for a continuing education program in Illustration. It has been many years since I graduated from the Illustration program at Sheridan college and I had always wanted to check out OCAD. It seemed like the right thing to do and I was so glad that I did it. I was taught by an Illustrator whose work I have followed and admire, met a group of great artists AND we plan on getting together regularly to share our work and challenge our own creativity.

I will keep on seeking out classes and workshops in an effort to continue to grow as an artist. Julia’s quote will continue to hang above my workspace. I will cherish these words and be reminded by her courage to follow her dream and in turn keep trying to be better at what I love.

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