Hi and thanks for dropping by!

About me:  When I was very young my parents would take me to Sir George University in Montreal where Mom was an art student and Dad was a chemistry student.

The beautiful old buildings, the tubes and beakers in the Chem lab, the smell of the papers and paint in the art wing and being able to watch the students creating their artwork filled me with awe. That and the super-cool hippies would let me draw on scraps of paper using their art supplies.

Back at home Mom would put her headphones on and sprawl her art supplies out over the living room floor while she painted. She encouraged me to paint and draw with her. I think I knew, way back then that I would be an artist.

About school:  I have earned diplomas in Interpretive Illustration, New Media Design, Graphic Design and Web Design. Continuing to learn and explore is very important to me and I often seek out creative classes and workshops.

About my work:  My main tools are a drawing tablet, traditional acrylic and watercolour paints and mixed media. Humour and food enter into my drawings a lot and music, cats, coffee and tea are my creative companions.

I hope you’ll enjoy my work and I’d love to hear from you, even just to say hello.



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